Jeff Sandholm, AIA, LEED-AP – Dowling Sandholm Architects

I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Andy Rowe and Alpenglow Custom Builders. I have known Andy for a couple of years and have worked with him in a couple of different capacities.

I first met Andy through his work on the building committee for a new church we were designing. Andy provided thoughtful insight and leadership to the design process from the owner’s perspective.

Most importantly, I worked with Andy on the construction of our new Dowling-Sandholm Office building here in Bozeman. Andy provided feedback to us during the design process and completed the framing for our new building in an efficient and timely manner.

I would highly recommend Andy and was impressed with his project management, estimating and site management skills. Andy is currently building another house we have designed and the owner is very happy with his work on the project.

Carol Schmidt – 2016

I would assume that the fact that you are reading this indicates that you are considering Andy Rowe and Alpenglow Builders to build your new home. I can assure you that you have found one of the best homebuilders in the Bozeman area.

I will begin with a story. Not long ago I had an event at my new home and a long-time family friend was among my guests. This woman is an exacting, quality conscious person who spares no expense to meet her tastes. I must mention that she is extremely critical of those things that don’t meet her standards.

During the party she wandered around my home, looking in corners, examining the rooms. I dreaded what she might say. When she found me, she was nearly incredulous. “I can’t believe the quality of this house,” she said. “I didn’t think they made them this way any more.”

Now, I’m definitely not the stickler for building quality as she. I simply am not informed in that area. But, I do know style. And I do know service. And I can assure you that my Alpenglow house, for the money, is the most stylish and graceful space of any home that I visited in Gallatin County. And, I looked at well more than 100 houses in the area before I found this one.

From the beginning, all of my dealings with Andy, from picking paint colors to details necessary for closing, all details were dealt with promptly with directness and professionalism.

The service didn’t end there. In the seven months that I have lived in my any small concern that has comes up, as happens with a new house, has been addressed quickly and courteously.

I haven’t worked with a ton of builders, but I have had experience with several. And from that experience I can say that Andy’s approach to the homes he builds and the people that buy them is special. I think that you, like me, will find that going with an Alpenglow home is one of the best home decisions that you will make.

Vanessa M. Van Beusekom, AIA, LEED-AP – V-2 Design

I would like to extend this letter of recommendation for Alpenglow Custom Builders (ACB). Initially the client had selected to work with a different contractor. It was a larger company and the client had thought they could perform better.

After the initial pricing and treatment by this larger company that did not meet our expectations; we started a conversation to involve ACB. The service we received from ACB was very different. Our project was regarded as important and the estimate was within the client’s budget. It didn’t take long for Alpenglow to win over the client and myself. Dan Ullom was in charge of our project. He prompted responded to calls for information or questions we had prior to construction. He was adaptable and flexible while constructing the project. If any issues arose during construction they were dealt with efficiently with concerns to time, money and aesthetics. In the end, the client was happy and it was a real pleasure working with ACB.

Their performance continues to live up to the high standards we set for our contractors. Alpenglow Custom Builders has excelled in customer contact, adherence to schedule, quality of materials and workmanship, attention to detail and also of great importance, with price.

I feel that Alpenglow Custom Builders are a very competent and professional firm. Anyone who engages them for a construction project would benefit from their professionalism, expertise and commitment to excellence. Based on the above, we would highly recommend ACB on any project.

Kurt Benson & Christina Bauer – 2015

Before meeting Andy Rowe of Alpenglow Homes, we were approaching our first custom home with a high level of anxiety and worry. But at our first meeting, Andy exuded a great combination of calm, integrity and detailed building knowledge that immediately let us know we were in good hands. From that time forward, we were never disappointed. Andy clearly communicated building cost and schedule of completion and finished our home on time and on budget. His project manager, Daniel, was wonderfully detail-oriented and highly personable. His subcontractors were true craftsmen and willingly accommodated the modest changes we made during the building process. We felt welcome and included in all aspects of the building process.

We give our highest recommendation to Andy Rowe and Alpenglow. He and his team have built us a delightful custom home that brought life to our dream.

Mike & Catherine Kalmanson – 2017

We thoroughly researched over eight contractors and chose Andy for the following reasons.

First was quality of product. We closely investigated the custom homes Alpenglow builds and found them on par with the finest builders in Gallatin County. In the bidding process Andy was helpful in keeping within our budget and made suggestions on materials and processes that gave us the most bang for the buck. Last but not least, Andy seemed trustworthy. Being a huge investment, we needed someone who wouldn’t leave us hanging after the contract was awarded.

After construction started most of our interaction was with Daniel Herzog. Daniel is both knowledgeable and conscientious without lacking a sense of humor. Equally as important Daniel helped us make some huge decisions which come up during the build. After completion they didn’t walk away. They honored the one-year warrantee and beyond. They don’t nickel and dime the customer and are fair. We are very pleased with the Alpenglow custom home and would highly recommend them.

Peter & Rhonda Ashley – 2016

Alpenglow just completed our home and we highly recommend them for a custom project. We were out of state, only on site once a month, and everyone at Alpenglow communicated very well with phone calls, pictures, emails and the use of Co-Construct. We were always consulted every step of the way on every decision. Our project manager, Daniel, took personal pride in giving us excellent service and the office manager, Sara, was quick to respond to our questions. The subs worked very hard on our behalf, going above and beyond. It was truly a collaborative effort with every team member bringing innovative ideas that incorporated our suggestions then taking them to the next level. Andy did a superlative job in estimating costs and any changes we requested were always accompanied by a discussion as to their impact on the bottom line.

This is our forever home and it is even more than we hoped for, thanks to Alpenglow.