I would like to extend this letter of recommendation for Alpenglow Custom Builders (ACB). Initially the client had selected to work with a different contractor. It was a larger company and the client had thought they could perform better.

After the initial pricing and treatment by this larger company that did not meet our expectations; we started a conversation to involve ACB. The service we received from ACB was very different. Our project was regarded as important and the estimate was within the client’s budget. It didn’t take long for Alpenglow to win over the client and myself. Dan Ullom was in charge of our project. He prompted responded to calls for information or questions we had prior to construction. He was adaptable and flexible while constructing the project. If any issues arose during construction they were dealt with efficiently with concerns to time, money and aesthetics. In the end, the client was happy and it was a real pleasure working with ACB.

Their performance continues to live up to the high standards we set for our contractors. Alpenglow Custom Builders has excelled in customer contact, adherence to schedule, quality of materials and workmanship, attention to detail and also of great importance, with price.

I feel that Alpenglow Custom Builders are a very competent and professional firm. Anyone who engages them for a construction project would benefit from their professionalism, expertise and commitment to excellence. Based on the above, we would highly recommend ACB on any project.