We thoroughly researched over eight contractors and chose Andy for the following reasons.

First was quality of product. We closely investigated the custom homes Alpenglow builds and found them on par with the finest builders in Gallatin County. In the bidding process Andy was helpful in keeping within our budget and made suggestions on materials and processes that gave us the most bang for the buck. Last but not least, Andy seemed trustworthy. Being a huge investment, we needed someone who wouldn’t leave us hanging after the contract was awarded.

After construction started most of our interaction was with Daniel Herzog. Daniel is both knowledgeable and conscientious without lacking a sense of humor. Equally as important Daniel helped us make some huge decisions which come up during the build. After completion they didn’t walk away. They honored the one-year warrantee and beyond. They don’t nickel and dime the customer and are fair. We are very pleased with the Alpenglow custom home and would highly recommend them.