My wife and I have remodeled our Lake home extensively 4 times over 20 years and built a custom waterfront home in Gig Harbor Washington in 1998. We recently finished building another custom home with Alpenglow Homes in Bozeman, Montana and moved in July 2009. We’ve had a good amount of experience with building homes and the Lion’s Ridge Camp lodge and cabin in Bozeman.

We could spend considerable time enumerating the qualities of Andy Rowe both personally and also professionally…it is all positive. When considering what a reference letter might say about Andy, this is what a prospective client would want to know:

Any building project has the potential for the builder/ client relationship to be strained by the end of the project. In fact, that is probably the norm. If we were to start building a home or any project tomorrow, and we were looking for a builder in Montana, from our experience, we would look no further than Andy. We would probably not even get competitive bids and try to figure out the “apples compared to apples” comparisons in that confusing construction bidding process…we would just “go with Andy”. He is honest and he does a superb job of managing the costs and his subcontractors and was more than willing to challenge himself and his team with aspects of the home we wanted that were out of the norm. He pulled it off perfectly.

We have told Andy, that he can showcase our Bozeman home at any time, and that we would welcome the opportunity to speak with prospective clients.